Watoga Cabins

The first cabins were built by the C.C.C. in the 1930s.  They make a special place to stay in the wilderness.  Check early for reservations, as they are popular.

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Camping at Beaver Creek

Last year, when people came to Beaver Creek for the races Saturday morning, one comment heard a number of times was, "Why, we could have camped right here!"  Both races start and finish at the campground check-in station, and the big tent for the post-race lunch is right there, too. The thirty-four regular campsites are unreserved, and the park will allow overflow tent camping on the airstrip, making the campground a virtual village of trail runners that weekend.

Beaver Creek Campground map 002
Riverside Campground map

Riverside Campground

This popular campground has both reserved and unreserved sites.  It's 4 miles by road from there to Park Headquarters along beautiful Island lick Run, then another 3 miles to Beaver Creek Campground.  Campers can check in at either campground.   Both campgrounds have showers and restrooms, dishwashing stations with hot water, and playgrounds.

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